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Heartbeat Percussion:

Heartbeat’s own custom designed cymbal and stick bags are now available. Heartbeat imports products from various countries around the world… Denmark, Taiwan, USA, China, Mexico and now bags from India! Designed and made to our specifications, we are pleased to introduce three different cymbal bag models:

HB-CB1-800The HB-CB1 features maximum 24″ cymbal size main compartment with an exterior pocket to hold 17″ maximum hi-hats. Rear exterior features a side stick compartment. Handles and shoulder strap. Reinforced bottom to protect cymbals when rested on ground.

The HB-CB2 is a back pack model which also features 24″ cymbal size main compartment and two exterior pockets: one holds maximum 17″ hi-hats while the second holds maximum 19″ cymbals. Rear exterior features the backpack straps. Handles also standard. Reinforced bottom to protect cymbals when rested on ground.

The HB-CB3 features a main compartment which holds maximum 24″ cymbal size and an exterior pocket which holds maximum 17″ hats. Rear exterior features retractable handle and wheels. Reinforced bottom to protect cymbals when rested on ground.HB-SB-800

The Heartbeat HB-SB drum stick bag features two main pockets, four narrow pockets, two open compartments for keys, pens, etc. plus an exterior pocket on the rear.

Coming soon:

Heartbeat Custom drum sticks in maple or mahogany! Expected availability: June, 2014.


SlapKlatz packagingImported from Denmark, SlapKlatz is the perfect accessory for drums, cymbals and percussion. It makes your drums and cymbals perform to their maximum in a very discrete way. It sticks so well, that it can not only be applied to your top and bottom drum heads, but to the underside of your cymbals as well.

Redesigned packaging now includes 4 gel pads (2 sizes) and a free plastic storage container! SlapKlatz is not available in the USA, but exclusively in Canada from Heartbeat.