All Peace Drums on Sale!

As Heartbeat continues to develop the Heartbeat Percussion brand, resulting changes are inevitable. Fourteen years of partnering with Peace drums in Canada has come to an end. Heartbeat is methodically reducing its inventory of Peace drums and hardware and replacing it with Heartbeat brand products.

Peace Kahuna Bubinga Drum Set

Whether it be the top level Paragon maple or Kahuna bubinga (pictured above) drum sets, or a simplekick pedal, floor tom leg or clamp, every Peace product are priced to clear.With some of the specialty drum sets (like the Paragon maple kit pictured below with brushed copper finish lugs and hoops) are only available in limited numbers.

Peace Paragon Maple Drums

For those wanting an inexpensive but great quality student drum set, we have some Prodigy all in one sets still available. All sets come with hardware, throne, cymbals and sticks. Available in two configurations and two finishes, with either 18″ or 20″ bass drum diameter sizes.