Dustin Dollman

Dustin Dollman


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Dustin has been playing drums since he could sit up with his pots and pans. At the age of 12 Dustin's momentum in drumming quickly brought him to drumming regularly for conferences, churches and local events. By the age of 16, he began playing professionally and recorded and toured with Canadian Artist Heather Clark. 

At the age of 18 Dustin located to Vancouver Island where he now resides and still gigs from time to time but has a full teaching schedule to accompany his drum schedule. After several years Dustin created DDT (Dustins Drumming Techniques) and after a single-student-teacher he  quickly became an instructor teaching literally hundreds of children drums and drumline each week.

Dustin also is the creator of DDT Drumline  and has carefully hand selected expereinced youth who have advanced skills in drumming taught by Dustin. He has led the group to perform in some highlighted experiences including the Olympics 2010 with opportunities to take the group to perform internationally. Dustin has a passion for youth to encourage them to reach their potential and to create some unique experiences for them to participate in.

 "I enjoy what I do, I put everything into my teaching and creating opportunity for these kids to experience. I believe that is evident in the abilities of the students and the number of opportunities that are created. My goal is to meet the need of each student from where they are at, whether they want to become the next Travis Barker and Lenny White or if they just want to learn to play in their room as a hobby. There are many fun ways of creating opportuntites for the kids like DDT Studio Projects, performing in the DDT Concert Nights, DDT Drumline, DDT Rockband. My goal is to see the students enjoy music and drumming"

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