Jeff Luciani

Jeff Luciani

The Dears
Jeff Luciani was born in 1981 in the city of  St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, and has dedicated much of his life in pursuit of musical and spiritual knowledge.

Jeff's fascination with the movements and mechanics of drum set playing have led to his exploration of the movements and mechanics of the human body. Following this path has allowed Jeff to fully collaborate with dancers (contact improvisation, butoh, free movement) and yoga teachers (ashtanga, hatha, kundalini) since 2001.

Upon graduating in 2003 from the Applied Music Program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Jeff has built, maintained and continues to foster a healthy life and career in music. He has participated in numerous tours throughout North America, Mexico, The Caribbean, Europe, Turkey and Russia, as well as performing at major festivals and on major television/radio/internet broadcasts with some of Canada's finest artists in the rock, folk, RnB and jazz scenes.

Aside from his supporting work, Jeff is co-creator of the SoundSound Improvised Music Series (which also acts as the stand-alone, improvised music duo SoundSound) with friend, multi-instrumentalist and producer Joe Lapinski. The series continues to host improvisers from all over Canada which is held during their monthly residency in St. Catharines. Jeff is also a founding member of Toronto indie rock band Bankruptcy, spearheaded by Rob Benvie (Thrush Hermit, Tigre Benvie, Camouflage Nights) and continues to purse his love of Brazilian music with Toronto's Batucada Carioca led by Maninho Costa.

Jeff currently resides in Toronto, Ontario and continues to tour with Montreal's The Dears and Toronto's Madison Violet.

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