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Phil Refalo


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Phil grew up in Whitby, Ontario where he was always exposed to music. At the age of 8 his parents offered him a choice of a musical instrument  to learn to play. Drums were definitely "it" for me and his parents knew it too, judging by the way he always got into trouble at school for drumming on desks with his pencils!

In middle school Phil was being influenced by Van Halen, Motley Crue and Black Sabbath.  In high school, it was faster and heavier music,  which led to him playing with bands such as Kurse and 80 Grit Bhoyza.  As time moved on, Phil's influences grew to include many more styles of music. Today it's everything from metal to classical, pop to jazz, R&B to hip hop, reggae, soca and praise and worship music.

With such an appreciation for music and drumming Phil chose to share his gift and began a career as a private drum teacher. Starting a company called “Phil’s Drum Instruction” in 2007, he is still going strong with many great students and results.  Currently Phil plays with his church's band called P4J (Passionate for Jesus) and has also played many clubs/gigs such as The Hard Rock Café with independent  artists.

In 2011 Phil was asked by producer Tyson Kuteyi to perform on “The Next Star” television show with one of their top six finalists, April.  In addition to this, May 2012 Phil was honored to receive an invitation to attend a pro-drummer photo shoot. It was held downtown Toronto, Ontario where he stood with many other great drummers who share my passion in music.

Phil choose's to play and endorse  Peace drums and Istanbul cymbals because they go beyond getting the job done. They sound awesome, look great, have many options and still won’t break your wallet!  Musicians and sound crews are always blown away with my overall sound and ask “how Phil?”. I tell them ”Peace drums and Istanbul cymbals baby!”.

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