New Superlux Headphones and Microphones about to invade Canada!

Heartbeat is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Superlux products, and we are pleased to show off some new models to be arriving over the next few months. Take a look!

HD685Here is the HD-685 high definition headphones. Superlux are known for great quality at great prices, and these new phones will not disappoint! In the meantime, check out the highly popular HD-668B, HD-681EVO  and HD-661 phones which have been our top sellers.


The E203UT is a USB E203UTcondenser microphone ideal for podcasting, recording and network meetings. Plug and play Mac and PC compatible, it combines a professional condenser microphone with a USB digital interface. Included are a pair of our popular HD-381B in ear headphones, USB cable and table stand.



Here’s a cool product: The Superlux E30AU. It’s a USB microphone designed for recording music, podcasts, or field recording, but is also perfect for internet chatting, voice recognition software, web casting and even VOIP. It can clip right on to a laptop or sit on a desk. Comes with our popular HD-381B in ear headphones which can plug right into the E30AU’s output jack for listening to music or your conversation!