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Heartbeat Stands, pedals and thrones

Heartbeat is pleased to introduce it’s expanded drum stand and pedal line up. In addition to the current heavy duty cymbal, snare stands and thrones, the new Hi-hat stands and bass drum pedals complete the professional line up of hardware to complete a drum set / shell pack.

Heartbeat expands drumstick lineup!

Heartbeat introduced it’s own drumstick line in 2014 with limited sizes in high grade hickory. Now in 2019, Heartbeat is pleased to announce that it has expanded to include 27 varieties with additional sizes plus available maple and oak sticks as well.

Heartbeat Drumsticks

Heartbeat sticks are available in the following sizes and woods:

Heartbeat drumsticks are made from high grade American Hickory, Japanese Oak and Canadian maple woods, and are factory matched. Available for purchase in single pairs or bricks of 12.

Praxis Cymbals!

Praxis Cymbals

The Praxis Series Cymbal Set is a special series of cymbals from Heartbeat specifically designed for low volume practice and rehearsal. Manufactured in Asia, the Praxis cymbals are only available for purchase as a set. Priced much lower than our handcrafted professional cymbals from Istanbul, the Praxis series provides the feel of playing real cymbals without the volume or the price.

What is Praxis? Merriam-Webster defines it as: ACTION, PRACTICE: such as: exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill, customary practice or conduct; practical application of a theory. It originiates from medieval Latin, from Greek, doing, action, from prassein to do, practice.

The set consists of 14″ hi-hats, 16″ and 18″ crashes and 20″ ride. For more information: