Peace, Canada!

Heartbeat celebrates 10 years of bringing Peace to Canada!

It all started back in 2003 when Heartbeat started distributing Peace drums and percussion products in Canada. Since then, Heartbeat has expanded its distribution to include all the different products that you see on this web site. While we sell a lot more than Peace drums these days, we still carry a large inventory of Peace drum sets, snare drums, training kits, hardware and accessories.










The Peace Kahuna series drum sets feature 9 ply African Bubinga shells (shown above in Nut Brown lacquer stain finish) and the Paragon series drum sets (below in  Black and Tan fade lacquer stain finish) with 9 ply Canadian Maple shells

Heartbeat is Canada’s boutique musical instrument and pro audio distributor, with exclusive products like Peace.  Unique products, excellent pricing, quality service and support… We put our relationship with our customers  before anything else. Why not be part of the Heartbeat family in 2013!