Peace Drums and Percussion

Heartbeat started distributing Peace drums and percussion products in Canada way back in 2003. Since then, Heartbeat has shipped out a lot of drum kits, snare drums, hardware and other percussion products made by Peace in Taiwan.

Peace logo

As we have been developing our own Heartbeat brand of drums and percussion products, we ceased acting as the Canadian distributor, and Peace USA took that over.

This year, the sad new (to us) is that Peace USA has closed up shop in California and are no longer carrying any inventory in the US. That means all orders would be shipped from Taiwan.

Peace Kahuna bubinga drumset in Gothic Red lacquer stain

Well, if you are a Peace customer or are interested in Peace products, Heartbeat wants you to know that we still have a large inventory of drum kits and hardware available in stock. And, even better news…. our prices are all fabulous! We want to make room for our own Heartbeat brand, so this is an excellent opportunity for everyone. You can buy Peace gear from us at Heartbeat at fantastic prices, and we get to clear up room in the warehouse for Heartbeat gear. Win / win!

Peace Hardware

Contact us via email at or telephone toll free from North America at 866-988-1277