Heartbeat Percussion

In 2003, Heartbeat started distributing drums and cymbals in Canada. Heartbeat cymbals Seven years later in 2010, Heartbeat created its own custom cymbal line: Heartbeat Cymbals! Manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey, these hand crafted cymbals bring an amazing sound and visual beauty to the marketplace. Partnering together with a team in Istanbul led by a master cymbalsmith who was trained at the Zildjian K factory in Turkey many years ago, Heartbeat combines traditional Turkish quality and construction with the current demand for high quality and individual sounding instruments, not just mass produced, machine made metal. HB-CB1-800

In early 2014, Heartbeat introduced the Heartbeat custom cymbal and stick bag collection. Made in India to Heartbeat's specifications, each cymbal bag fits up to 24" diameter cymbals. And, in late 2014, Heartbeat introduced the Heartbeat custom drumstick series. Made from high grade hickory, these limited production sticks are factory matched and balanced. HB-DS-5A

2015 brought the introduction of the first Heartbeat drumsets! Available in selected woods, sizes and finishes, these limited edition shell packs are a perfect match with other Heartbeat Percussion products! Heartbeat Turquoise Sparkle drumset

In 2016, Heartbeat continues to develop new products as well as improving current products.For example, here is the new Heartbeat Jazz series ride cymbal!

Heartbeat Jazz Ride Cymbal