Heartbeat Percussion

Anthem Cymbals

The Anthem Cymbal set is the first series from Heartbeat that is exclusively available for purchase only as a set. No other individual sizes or models are avalaible.

These unique cymbals feature a unique finish that combines the sandy unlathed surface of the Custom series with the polished lathed surface of the Classic series and a unique striped look similar to the Studio series.

The set includes: 15" Hi-hats, 18" and 20" crashes, 22" ride and a bonus free cymbal bag.

Cymbals are constructed by Heartbeat's cymbalsmiths using the highest grade B20 material. Classic Turkish construction combined with a modern Heartbeat touch.

Models available:

15" hats HB-AH15 18" crash HB-AC18

20" crash HB-AC20 22" ride HB-AR22