Heartbeat Percussion

Classic Effects

Classic Series

The original and much desired sound of Turkish made cymbals, Heartbeat presents the Classic Series. Beautifully resonant and dark, the Classic series is the "go to" choice for many of today's top performers.

Splashes for quick accents., bells for a bright "DING!", classic Chinas and Trash crashes for an exciting new sound! *Click Model Number For Sound File

Models available:

10" Splash HB-CLSP10 10" Trash HB-TR10
12" Splash HB-CLSP12 16" Trash HB-TR16
08" Bell HB-CLBL8 18" Trash HB-TR18
10" Bell HB-CLBL10 20" Trash HB-TR20
18" China HB-CLCH18
20" China HB-CLCH20
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