Heartbeat Percussion

Jazz Cymbals

The Jazz Cymbals series from Heartbeat is new for 2016. Recreating some of the amazing sounds of the late 1960’s jazz scene, Heartbeat combines old school manufacturing with a unique Heartbeat touch to appeal to today’s drummers.

Heartbeat Jazz Ride Cymbal

Starting in early 2005, Heartbeat commenced a special project with a cymbal company to recreate a specific cymbal from the 1960s. After months of trial and error, we finalized the design and had a limited number produced for us. But, as often times happens, circumstances and events brought an end to Heartbeat’s arrangement with that manufacturer.

Jump forward to 2010 and the start of Heartbeat cymbal production. Heartbeat’s Noel never forgot that cymbal collaboration, but it remained on the shelf. That changed in 2014, when the project was revived, but this time with the Heartbeat cymbalsmiths.

After two years of working with prototypes adjusting the hammering, lathing, bell size, profile and weight, Heartbeat is pleased to introduce the new Heartbeat Jazz Ride cymbal. Recreating some of the amazing jazz sounds that were established by drummers such as Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette, Lenny White and others, Heartbeat takes that famous sound and gives it a “sprinkle” of Heartbeat’s modern influence.

Initially available only in one 22″ model , the Heartbeat Jazz ride features unique dark red logos and model designation. Hand crafted and hand hammered in the same way that traditional Turkish cymbals were in the 1960’s and early 70’s, this Jazz ride proves that sometimes the old way of doing things might just still have some benefits over the current mass produced products that flood the markets.

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