Heartbeat Percussion

Praxis Cymbals

The Praxis Series Cymbal Set 14/16/18/20 is a special series of cymbals from Heartbeat specifically designed for low volume practice and rehearsal. Manufactured in Asia, the Praxis cymbals are only available for purchase as a set. Priced much lower than our handcrafted professional cymbals from Istanbul, the Praxis series provides the feel of playing real cymbals without the volume or the price.

What is Praxis? Merriam-Webster defines it as: ACTION, PRACTICE: such as: exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill, customary practice or conduct; practical application of a theory. It originiates from medieval Latin, from Greek, doing, action, from prassein to do, practice.

Compare Heartbeat Classic 14″ hi-hats to Praxis 14″ Hi-hats: Praxis 14" Hi-hat Comparison

Compare Heartbeat Classic 16″ crash to Praxis 16″ crash: Praxis 16" Crash Comparison

Compare Heartbeat Classic 18″ crash to Praxis 18″ crash: Praxis 18" Crash comparison

Compare Heartbeat Classic 20″ ride to Praxis 20″ ride: Praxis 20" Ride comparison