Artists that use Peace Drums

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Doug Grant

Doug Grant

Blaze of Glory

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Doug Grant is a drummer living in Burnaby, B.C., Canada and endorses PEACE drums, SABIAN cymbals, and REGAL TIP sticks.

Doug currently plays with North America's  Premier Bon Jovi Tribute act "BLAZE OF GLORY", and Vancouver rock band "SKELETON CREW". He has toured and recorded with many other successful bands including DOUG & THE SLUGS, KROME, RICK TIPPE, and LOCOMOTIVE DREAM.

Having just returned from Shows in Las Vegas, Reno, Oakland, New York, and New Jersey, Doug and the rest of BLAZE OF GLORY are gearing up for a busy remainder of  2012.

Dustin Dollman

Dustin Dollman


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Dustin has been playing drums since he could sit up with his pots and pans. At the age of 12 Dustin's momentum in drumming quickly brought him to drumming regularly for conferences, churches and local events. By the age of 16, he began playing professionally and recorded and toured with Canadian Artist Heather Clark. 

At the age of 18 Dustin located to Vancouver Island where he now resides and still gigs from time to time but has a full teaching schedule to accompany his drum schedule. After several years Dustin created DDT (Dustins Drumming Techniques) and after a single-student-teacher he  quickly became an instructor teaching literally hundreds of children drums and drumline each week.

Dustin also is the creator of DDT Drumline  and has carefully hand selected expereinced youth who have advanced skills in drumming taught by Dustin. He has led the group to perform in some highlighted experiences including the Olympics 2010 with opportunities to take the group to perform internationally. Dustin has a passion for youth to encourage them to reach their potential and to create some unique experiences for them to participate in.

 "I enjoy what I do, I put everything into my teaching and creating opportunity for these kids to experience. I believe that is evident in the abilities of the students and the number of opportunities that are created. My goal is to meet the need of each student from where they are at, whether they want to become the next Travis Barker and Lenny White or if they just want to learn to play in their room as a hobby. There are many fun ways of creating opportuntites for the kids like DDT Studio Projects, performing in the DDT Concert Nights, DDT Drumline, DDT Rockband. My goal is to see the students enjoy music and drumming"

Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph

The Baaron Band

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Mark Joseph is an independent musician from Mississauga, Ontario. He has been instructing young drummers and percussionists for almost 20 years. During this time, he has maintained a busy schedule performing in musical theater (Damn Yankees, Crazy for You, Jesus Christ Superstar), touring with Father Mark Curtis: Canada’s Singing Priest, and recording with the progressive rock band, “The Baaron Band.” Mark also regularly plays with Mississauga band Streetfire, performing at corporate events and festivals.

More recently, Mark has recorded and performed with several Christian artists.  He has worked with many talented musicians, including Susan HooKong-Taylor, Ana Da Costa, Nancy Bodsworth, and Grammy nominee Sarah Hart.  Mark is also a music director at two Mississauga churches.

Sean Sammons

Sean Sammons


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Sean grew up with musical instruments in his hands as son of a church music minister. He played guitar, drums, and sang just to be a part of worship in any way. He participated in concert bands and marching bands all the way through college where he was co-captain of The Blazin' Brigade Marching Band Drumline and received a minor in Music Education at Valdosta State University. Sean reveres VSU for the technical ability he uses in studio recording and orchestra work he received while studying under Dr. David Morris.

Sean currently worships with 'The River Church Community' of Kathleen, GA on Sundays, 'Central Baptist Church' of Warner Robins, GA on Wednesdays, and also plays for a number of other Middle Georgia churches and organizations for special events including the Peach Community Choir, The Fort Valley United Methodist Church Orchestra, The Vine Church of Houston County, Fort Valley Kiwanis, and Longleaf Church.
Sean exclusively plays Heartbeat Percussion. His current set-up is the Peace Paragon Maple with Tangerine Sparkle Finish and Heartbeat Cymbals.

Skye McLean

Skye McLean


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Skye has been playing drums since the age of 11. He currently plays with rock/metal act This Day Burns based out of Victoria, BC. You can also find him on the throne with the post-hardcore band Vaultry. He has also played for Robot Metropolis and Archon Legion in the past. He spends a lot of his time behind the kit but also plays guitar/bass in some of his bands songs.
Chris Busche

Chris Busche

Chris Busche Band

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Chris Busche started music at the age of 11 on the pots and pans. Encouraged by his parents they purchased him his first drum set days after he showed the interest. Growing up in Nanaimo BC, Canada he played in a band called Southgate with childhood friends and many replacements along the way. Chris was drummer and lead vocalist which was next to unheard of for the genre they were playing. The band did very well and gave him a base to land his next project on. Always showing interest in guitar but never taking the time to practice Chris took the chance when Southgate parted ways. Always joking about doing a solo project this was the perfect opportunity. taking the guitar serious as a "guitar player" Chris took his music to a whole different level breaking a lot of barriers he had previously set up and stepping into many different genres along the way.

During the recording of The Walls we Build, Chris also wrote and recorded a full length album titled Chris Busche - Songs From 1461 which is a completely different musical concept than The Walls we Build. More of a Experimental/Folk/Rock album. With completion of recording The Walls we Build Chris had it mixed by Rick Salt (David Go Go, Irish Rovers) in Nanaimo BC, and masterd by Jim Brick @ Absolute Audio in New Jersey. After a brief tour of the west coast, constant internet radio airplay worldwide and a deal with Attack Media Group, Chris Busche is quickly becoming recognized as one of Canada's hardest working independent acts.

In Chris' own words:

I started playing music in 1998 with a few guys from my school. Ever since day one of starting that band, music has been the biggest part of my life. When I first started playing, I knew that this was not just a hobbie of mine but is my career, my passion. That's why I keep striving forward, I dont want to stop here. I want my music to be my own time capsule. My songs will forever hold a part of me.  So it has taken me this long, to make something out of this, the reason we had started was not why we kept doing it. Sometimes you are unsure what you are doing. Sometimes you lose confidence. But if u just keep playing, and dont think about what it is you want the song to be , and think about what the song is, that is when it is written in its proper form and flows naturally.

I thought I knew when I started playing what kind of musician I was, and what path i would take, but over the last 10 years, most of all the last year, have I really seen my strengths and have seen the options in my music career. I know that all I can do is keep practicing and keep thinking up ways to better what it is I work so hard for. The things I have over come already as a musician is enough for me to be confident and move with big steps forward without looking back.

As my music career moves ahead it feels like I am leaving behind the things that made me become the musician I am today. It takes a long time to realize there will be alot of bands you will play with over the years, and there will be lots that you wont, but know that everyone is just the same as you. They all have their own idea of what music is to them. They all know what they like & they all practice just like you, some more than others. Always be greatful you had the chance to play with all those other musicians, what you may of picked up unknowingly is what makes music neverending.

Stan Taylor

Stan Taylor

Jared Burrows Trio

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Canadian jazz drummer Stan Taylor has been an integral part of the Vancouver jazz scene for more than 25 years. Stan has played with such artists as Kenny Wheeler, PJ Perry, Vinny Golia, Pat LaBarbara, Ray Anderson, Rob Blakeslee, Fraser MacPherson, Mike Stern, Glen Spearman, Peter Brotzman, Hugh Fraser, and Paul Plimley.

In the1990s Stan co-led the legendary Kane/ Taylor Explosion which toured and performed in Canada and the US with the Kokoro Dance Company.

Current projects and collaborations include the Jared Burrows Trio and Delta Quartet, Synergy, West Coast Art Trio, John Paton’s Band Apart, Len Aruliah Quartet, Kane/Taylor Explosion featuring Noelle Pion, Norm Quinn’s Q5 Jazz Collective and many others. Stan is actively involved in recording and performing with these groups and is a sought after private instructor. Stan is a Peace Drums and Istanbul Agop Cymbals endorser courtesy Heartbeat Distributors.

Jason Hoover

Jason Hoover

Jason Hoover Drum Channel

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Jason Hoover resides in Barrie, Ontario and hosts the Jason Hoover Drum Channel on Youtube.

He records, films, edits and masters all of the audio and video on his own.


Phil Refalo

Phil Refalo


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Phil grew up in Whitby, Ontario where he was always exposed to music. At the age of 8 his parents offered him a choice of a musical instrument  to learn to play. Drums were definitely "it" for me and his parents knew it too, judging by the way he always got into trouble at school for drumming on desks with his pencils!

In middle school Phil was being influenced by Van Halen, Motley Crue and Black Sabbath.  In high school, it was faster and heavier music,  which led to him playing with bands such as Kurse and 80 Grit Bhoyza.  As time moved on, Phil's influences grew to include many more styles of music. Today it's everything from metal to classical, pop to jazz, R&B to hip hop, reggae, soca and praise and worship music.

With such an appreciation for music and drumming Phil chose to share his gift and began a career as a private drum teacher. Starting a company called “Phil’s Drum Instruction” in 2007, he is still going strong with many great students and results.  Currently Phil plays with his church's band called P4J (Passionate for Jesus) and has also played many clubs/gigs such as The Hard Rock Café with independent  artists.

In 2011 Phil was asked by producer Tyson Kuteyi to perform on “The Next Star” television show with one of their top six finalists, April.  In addition to this, May 2012 Phil was honored to receive an invitation to attend a pro-drummer photo shoot. It was held downtown Toronto, Ontario where he stood with many other great drummers who share my passion in music.

Phil choose's to play and endorse  Peace drums and Istanbul cymbals because they go beyond getting the job done. They sound awesome, look great, have many options and still won’t break your wallet!  Musicians and sound crews are always blown away with my overall sound and ask “how Phil?”. I tell them ”Peace drums and Istanbul cymbals baby!”.

Calum Rees

Calum Rees

Brian Doerksen

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Born in Wales, Calum's whole life has been involved in the world of drums and drumming, having been exposed to the life of the professional drummerist through his dad (Chris Slade: AC/DC, Tom Jones).

With a dynamic style that centres on the groove Calum has become a strong and versatile player with engagements covering recordings, tours, live performance and theatre, across a wide range of genres.  Calum brings his enthusiasm and fun-loving personality into every setting, helping sessions run smoothly and inspiring others in their creativity.

Calum began his professional life in music 23 years ago working as a sound engineer within the prestigious Virgin Studios group, learning from a who’s who of leading worldwide producers and artists. Almost 10 years later, returning to his first love, he began his own recording career on the other side of the desk playing drums and percussion.

He was a featured musician on the groundbreaking 1997 contemporary worship project Come, Now Is The Time produced by Canadian luminary Brian Doerksen, followed by the acclaimed CD release Hungry, which remains as one of the most loved contemporary worship CD’s of the modern era.  Since then he has gone from strength to strength and has collaborated with many of today’s most loved songwriter’s within contemporary gospel music and beyond.

Calum holds a BA in Commercial Music from the University of Westminster in London and is a Guinness World Record holder for his part in the world’s longest team drum roll, lasting 22hrs 5mins 23secs.

He Loves to play drums...