Peace Drums

Chromadose Birch


The Chromadose series from Peace is a professional level kit with a difference:

Combining 9 ply birch shells with the DNA series hardware and custom wrap finishes, the Chromodose series are as visually stunning as they are great sounding!

Most manufacturers offer wrapped kits only on their low end products and lacquer finishes on their pricier sets. This is partially due to the fact that lacquer finishing takes a lot longer, so the price increases. Whereas wrapping shells can cover up flaws in the wood and require much less production time.

Typical Peace... breaking some traditions! These kits are made in the same process that our Paragon, Kahuna and DNA kits are made, but feature custom wrap finishes and some other nice touches.

The Spun Metal finish (above), for example, features black nickel lugs and hoops, plus a custom hammered metal snare with die cast hoops.

The Frozen Ocean finish (above) is another beautiful and unique finish with chrome lugs and hoops and matching snare drum.

These are limited time special edition models available in Canada exclusively from Heartbeat.





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