Peace Drums

Paragon Maple


The Paragon series from Peace is a high-end kit that is priced lower than many comparable models from other manufacturers. Having established itself as a manufacturer that provides quality and value at the same time, Peace's flagship Paragon series demonstrates that perfectly... excellence at an affordable price! Selecting only the finest Canadian Rock Maple, known for its killer tone and durability, Paragon shells are formed, treated and finished by hand, one at a time. The inner shells and bearing edges are form finished and then sealed repeatedly for optimum projection and tone.             The Paragon series features Peace's proprietary patented Lug Integrated Floating Tom System (LIFTS). LIFTS crescent mounts connect to toms around the shaft of the Deus micro tube lugs...not to tension rods like typical crescent mounts. This not only assures less stress to crucial tuning points, but also enables the  changing  of heads while the toms are still mounted. Heartbeat carries a variety of lacquer finishes in both sparkles and stains. Included is a Remo USA batter head package (Pinstripes on toms, Powerstroke 3 on bass, coated Ambassador on snare). Standard shell pack features: 22x18 bass, 10x8 and 12x9 tom toms, 14x12 floor tom and 14x6.5 snare drum. Toms have triple flanged hoops while the snare features die cast hoops.   Back to Products