The RoboKey is a unique drum maintenance tool, made just for drummers. The 4X is a palm-sized drum key with an inline, ratio gear system that increases wrist turning speed on standard drum bolts 4X times or more, allowing drummers to replace drum heads faster.

CAD-designed with a ’space-shuttle’ T-handle and machined-steel gearing, the drum key is a little over 4 inches long and weighs 4.3oz., compact enough for most drummer’s needs. The solid, polypro handle is molded in neon green for easy ID in dark stage areas or a gig bag.

Additionally, the key-tip fits directly on square drum bolts without losable adaptors. Although there are many types of crank and ratchet drum keys available, the patented RoboKey 4X is the only one that actually increases wrist-turning speed. Turn the handle once, and the bolt turns 4 times.